Kevin Mejía

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"Honduras is more than corruption. Honduras is more than just poverty. It’s more than death and despair. Honduras is the beauty of the rising sun on the hills visible from Tegucigalpa’s empty street’s at 5:30 in the morning. Honduras is the sound of cows grazing on a verdant field, as the sun shines down on their skin. Honduras is the sound of San Pedro Sula during the high-point of the rush-hour. It’s the joy visible in children playing futbol. Honduras is the sigh on the lips of those who’ve been enchanted by the nation’s beautiful mountains, and wondrous oceans, breath-taking islands, and busy streets. It’s the quaintness of a family offering to share what food they have with you, from the interior of their 2 room house. It’s the bustling sight of Tegucigalpa from the rooftop of an apartment. It’s the determination of every Honduran student to succeed, to be the best in their fields. It’s the pride and determination of every solider, and the sight and smell and taste of Baleadas. It’s the song and dance, and language of Garifuna’s. It’s the pride contained in each word of the multiple minute long national anthem.

Honduras is more than crime. Than a high murder rate. And the Honduran people are more than criminals. The Honduran people are more than victims. Please help me spread awareness of this.”

—  (via foreign-drea)